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Wildstar maps and flight trajectory

Wildstar maps and flight trajectory

Wildstar Cities

Illium – DominionWildstar Cities  Illium – Dominion

Auroria (1)




Crimson-Badlands Crimson-Isle Deradune Ellevar Everstar-Grove Farside-Biodome Farside-Biodome-2 Farside-Sovereign_s-Landing Galeras Illium-Dominion Levian-Bay Malgrave Northern-Wastes-1024x881 Northern-Wilds Southern-Grimvault Thayd-Exile Western-Grimvault Whitevale Wilderrun

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In addition finish dark souls ii and end up loving it

Three weeks at the beginning, He had found a rare seventh century gold coin about the same site; Then require four spindle whorls, A silver strap end from a Saxon belt and a gilded Saxon button brooch. Yet he felt this definitely be different. Over the foot below the outer lining, He saw the gleam of can only be gold,

For that matter, The Crystal held not only the, But the soul of God of wreckage, Seperating it from the body to steer clear of the birth of the 108th Fruit, Which is intended by Soa, The marketer, For no other purpose rather than destroy. The coronary heart kept by Melbu Frahma, Ones body sealed away as The Moon That Never Sets. Winglies as the 107th types, Kept the 108th from definitely born, And used its power to dominate all species,

Right now, There are millions of adults and children who enjoyed playing diverse types of computer games. The popularity of computer games is not just in the country but also in diverse nations worldwide. Currently, You will find computer programmers who created computer programs which are suitable not only for children but also for adults as well.

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I suggest having one person sing and another dance. This changes it up and gives you good songs to dance to. I as good as the DDR games, But never have been in love with the songs, So everyone loves the great songs, There’s not any pressure on him. Stuck around here for an hour,Inexpensive wildstar gold and headed over to Paris. Initially in here,wildstar gold sale and i have to admit that I did not like the ‘vibe’.

Tank Reviews and Gameplay in Early Access for Armored Warfare

I’m participating in the Early Access for the upcoming tanktical MMO shooter game Armored Warefare (AW).

AW’s developer, Obsidian Entertainment, has taken the savvy approach of creating a better version of World of Tanks (WoT). In particular, AW is looking to address 3 problem areas in WoT:

Gold ammo
Arty implementation
The community has picked up on this as discussed in a thread in the WoT sub-Reddit today.

Obsidian’s approach is very different compared to what Gaijin did with War Thunder (WT). I skipped WT completely, because I was not convinced that WT would be a better game than WoT because it was seeking to differentiate itself in areas that didn’t need improvement or weren’t issues.

Early Access for AW in NA is $15 USD, which is a very reasonable fee, at least compared to a lot of other games where you have to pay $60+ to be a willing alpha/beta tester. AW is definitely worth a look.

In this article, I’m posting a series of videos covering AW in Early Access / Beta. Given that I’m a WoT veteran, in these AW videos I’ll discuss the similarities and differences in the mechanics of WoT and AW.

If you’re playing AW, I’d love to hear your thoughts, especially how it stacks up to WoT.

Early Access #1: First Impression, M113 Gameplay

In this video, I play my first battle in the M113, one of the two starter tanks in Early Access, on the Port Storm map. I finish with 5 kills and 6th in damage in a very narrow victory – only 14 HP separated the two sides.

The M113 is a mobile tank with a high-DPM / low-penetration autocannon. I didn’t realize it when I played my first battle in the M113, but it’s an AFV (Armored Fighting Vehicle) and therefore a scout in AW.

To be clear, I have no intention of quitting WoT: I’m still enjoying it, WoT scratches the itch for me of a high skill cap PVP game, and I’m within spitting distance of Unicum (top 1%) for my account with silver ammo only.

New battle-servers for Lords & Knights

The game worlds, which now will be switched live, provide especially the more aggressive conquering players with ideal conditions for faster castle takeovers and epic battles.

Right from the start, there are not only more resources and bigger storages but also more troops and subjects in every castle. “Free castles” develop further than before becoming even more attractive targets. Beware though: The beginner protection ends earlier too!

“We come up with these battle worlds, following requests from the community to make ‘Lords & Knights’ even faster and more action-packed.”- said Torben-Lennart Böge, co-founder and Head of Game Design at the Hamburg game developer Xyrality.


The latest Guns of Icarus newsletter says that steampunk airship multiplayer title’s new and improved UI is the result of 23,124 words worth of player feedback. Muse says that the preceding UI tweaks were not well-received by the game’s community, so the devs took it upon themselves to come up with a “minimalist” UI that still manages to convey all the info you need fill your enemy’s airship full of holes.

Muse has also introduced Clash at Blackcliff, a reworked two-vs.-two deathmatch that ignores capture point mechanics for pure, unadulterated carnage set among rusting pipes and darkened cliffs. There’s more in the latest newsletter, which you can view via the link below.


The next version update for Final Fantasy XI doesn’t bring the end, but it does bring the continuation of the end. The second chapter of the Rhapsodies of Vana’diel storyline will be implemented with the update, continuing the story that’s wrapping up more than a decade of history for the game. It’s so much story that the existing game can’t even contain it.

Yes, the new missions will include a new area, along with several of the eponymous rhapsodies with new effects and more cast members pulled from throughout the game’s history. The version update is slated to arrive in August, so if you want to catch up on the concluding storyline before it goes live, you’ve got a little time.

GTArcade Announces New Revolutionary Browser Game Magerealm

GTArcade is excited to announce the release of a new browser game Magerealm! The top game developer and publisher of 2014 is incredibly proud to bring players its first ever 3-D browser game: Magerealm! Independently designed and produced, with four character classes, and many heroes and angels at your disposal to diversify your experience, Magerealm is an incredible fantasy ARPG that will blow you away. The game perfectly combines great role playing with intense action by creating a mystical world full of adventure and peril, while not leaving out the fundamentals of any RPG games: highly customizable characters, skills, and much more! The world of Magerealm is full of infinite possibilities that allows players to write their own legacy exactly as they wish. Magerealm closed beta will begin on June 4th for all players.

This is Magerealm!
As an elite Mage sent by the Council of Magic to look for the 7 legendary relics to save the world and defeat the evil Lord of Demons, players are drawn into an epic war for the control of ancient relics. Along the way, you will discover secrets, encounter enemies and find allies when you least expect it. Long story short, Magerealm will enthrall you with its characters, graphics, plot and much more.

Choice and Complexity!
In the world of Magerealm there are countless ways to increase your strength so that you can face any challenge along your journey. Runes, angels and heroes are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the infinite possibilities that Magerealm provides for players. What your team looks like, who you want fighting by your side through thick and thin and ultimately, what legend you become is all up to you.

The Teaser Site
At GTArcade we know that no matter how much we say about our games, players want a first hand look at the game and its potential themselves. That is why we have launched a Teaser Site for you guys at. On this site, you can get a first look at two of our classes: The Spellmaster and The Realmguard. You also get a look at some special items available for closed beta players as well as some look of our monsters and dungeons. We are really excited about the prospect of this game and so should you! Help us get the word out by sharing our site on Facebook and Twitter; tell your friends about us and we hope to see you soon in Magerealm! Are you looking forward to the Closed Beta as much as we are?

Upcoming Automated Systems To Pave Way For Character & Server Transfers In ArcheAge

The Trion Worlds team recently returned from a trip to Korea following a meeting with ArcheAge developers XLGames in which they discussed upcoming new content, mechanic adjustments and the availability of the often requested character & server transfer ability. ArcheAge enjoyed a successful launch under a free-to-play banner and continues to prove popular as over 1 million players have registered their interest to play.

The Western community has been a little sour of late as they learned the Korean version of ArcheAge has long featured the ability to transfer character between servers, but the time restraints and manual work involved has limited such a feature launching in the West. In a new post on the official forums Community Manager Scapes offers players additional details on the reasoning’s behind the delay of Western character transfers and also addresses concerns surrounding server merges and community shakeups.

We do not currently have plans to merge servers in the traditional sense. Instead, we plan something altogether different and look forward to revealing the plan as soon as we work out the details.
As we get closer to being able to offer server transfers, a list of frequently-asked questions will be published well in advance of the service being made available. We welcome your feedback about this on the forums and look forward to being able to allow you to change which server your hero calls home!

ArenaNet under fire for Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns pricing

During E3 ArenaNet announced the pre-orders for their upcoming Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns expansion and the pricing has come under fire from current Guild Wars 2 players.

Prior to the announcement ArenaNet had been running numerous discounted pricing deals for the original Guild Wars 2 which this has been ongoing for many months so there’s nothing unusual in that. The issue appears to be that the expansion is retailing for £34.99 and will now also include the original Guild Wars 2. In other words there’s no need to own the original game to play the expansion, it’s being chucked in for free. It was originally understood that the base game would need to be purchased to access expansion content.

When the pricing was announced ArenaNet posted a comment to explain:

“To clarify: $50 is the price of the expansion. We included the core game as a free bonus to make it easier for new players to get into it.”

However, veteran players are finding it harder to find the value in purchasing the expansion and view it as paying for the game twice due to what’s actually included. There’s been complaints about the lack of an extra character slot in the standard edition of the expansion for one, an extra that is included in the Ultimate Edition for £79.99 along with gems which are used for purchases.

While the pricing plan is unlikely to change it does appear to be geared more towards attracting new players and less about keeping the existing community happy. The fact that ArenaNet retrospectively updated their FAQ to mention that a free copy of the base game is thrown in has also frustrated existing players.

ArenaNet are now trying to address the issue raised by recent purchasers of the base game who are asking for refunds due to the base game now being included with Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns expansion. They have stated:

“We’ll most certainly help anyone out who just bought the core game and would like to make the change to a HoT pre-purchase.”

There will be no other way to purchase the Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns expansion according to ArenaNet if you are an existing Guild Wars 2 player the pricing and content is likely to stay as it is.

MechWarrior Online getting Oceanic servers next month

Australian gamer always get a rough deal when it comes to server locations but there’s some good news for MechWarrior Online players.

According to Piranha Games’ Russ Bullock Australia will get their own Oceanic servers next some time around mid July.

“Australia will get their own Oceanic server but likely just a little later – July 7th is hoped – maybe July 21st – trying our best”

This is great news for anyone who has experience latency issues in the mech stomper which has received a lot of attention from the development team in the past couple of months.

Runescape Unleashes Evolution Of Combat Beta

Jagex, manufacturers of the world’s most popular totally free-to-engage in MMORPG – RuneScape, today announced the opening of their highly anticipated Combat Beta, Evolution of Combat. An elite band of 50,000 testers have been carefully selected from your hundreds of thousands of players who applied for accessibility Beta, and have been granted the distinctive opportunity to shape the development of this colossal up-date before anyone else.

Through the Development of Battle, RuneScape has undergone the most important change in its 11-year historical past. Rumours and speculation have been rife amongst the RuneScape group as athletes have made an effort to guess precisely what this fascinating new articles will contain. With the builders promising a totally revolutionary switch to the game – upping the quantity of immersion and player participation while, critically, retaining the characteristics and all round charm which may have made the browser-based journey so popular – players happen to be rushing to enroll in the chance to take part.

The Advancement of Combat update is the biggest alter we’ve ever made in RuneScape’s long history and we’re unbelievably excited to finally let our athletes take part.” commented Mark Ogilvie, RuneScape’s Lead Developer. “We definitely wanted to make our clash game enjoy more about the actual art of combat, so we’ve extra amazing abilities which will provide the player an abundance of choices to use in PvE and PvP fight, and the way all those abilities associate to each other will take a completely new sense of strategic depth to the game. We’ve also manufactured huge upgrades to the appearance and sound of battle, meaning the whole game has developed into a far more gritty, visceral and adrenaline working experience

The Evolution of Combat update includes a number of new features built to add much more excitement and skill towards the game. These characteristics include the opportunity to dual wield weapons; the creation of action pubs; new expertise which discover as the fight progresses and also the new adrenaline bar fulfills; the ability to cast buffs and weaknesses on your own allies and opponents respectively; the ability to develop critical hits and – finally – a whole host of new persona animations.

Ogilvie continued,”The entire upgrade has been built to play to RuneScape’s skills and has been designed to refocus combat to be more about gamer skill, inspire variety in combat gear and to make combat more enjoyable and difficult. This will revolutionise the way the activity is performed, making the ability ultimately much more rewarding, although it is not diverting from your essential center of the online game which has produced RuneScape so hugely popular for millions around the world.”

In addition to the first 50,000 Beta entrants, all RuneScape players who definitely have been associates for the last one year and have signed up for gain access to will immediately qualify to take part, and all other members should be able to access the Evolution of Combat Beta during associates-only open vacations. These week-ends will manage from the 7th July up until the end of the Beta to present all participants the chance to sign on and hone their skills before the new combat method is released to the wider group.

RuneScape is recognized by the Guinness Guide of Entire world Records as the most popular totally free-to-engage in massively multiplayer online activity. Launched in 2001, RuneScape is performed by huge numbers of people around the world daily and is rushing towards the large milestone of 200 zillion accounts produced.

With the Evolution of Battle update about the horizon, there has never ever been a much better time to get started your RuneScape adventure. Head over to RuneScape.com and create your free account today.

RuneScape is the world’s most popular totally free-to-enjoy massively multiplayer online venture game (as recognised by Guinness World Records), from multiple award-winning independent Uk development business Jagex. That is set in a richly detailed, middle age fantasy community, RuneScape’s standard storytelling proudly draws its inspiration from classic part-playing video games. RuneScape offers a contemporary, impressive and authentic experience for millions of players across the globe every day. RuneScape supplies a fully showcased free-to-play game, with a well-known subscription use of even greater range and aspirations, both jogging directly within almost any computer’s browser.

As a result of its personality-class-cost-free skill system and elective gameplay, you will find no limits to the hero players can become, no quest you cannot full and no necessity to work together with others or face them in participant-versus-participant combat unless you so opt for. RuneScape’s special role-playing type rewards gamers who feel strategically and play smartly. Its humorous, intelligent tone, finely balanced gameplay, epic questing and myriad in-community diversions combine to create a video game that has acquired its spot as the most famous free-to-play hugely multiplayer online game ever and continues to push the boundaries of online role-playing video games.

Jagex can be a multi-award winning online games developer operating out of Cambridge, Britain. Jagex specialises in the growth of high quality web browser-based games with supporting program and modern technology. Jagex can also be the largest impartial games designer and publisher in the UK.

Jagex has a extended-ranking reputation for creating the world’s best games online and for building hugely well-known, high quality, available, free-to-play game titles and for supplying an unequalled community experience for an incredible number of players around the globe. Jagex has created and self-published over 40 online titles, including the world’s most popular totally free multiplayer on-line game.

Quickly RuneScape players are able to get virtual items with bitcoins

Jagex Video games Business, UK-structured greatly multi-player on the web part enjoying activity (MMORPG) programmer, just released it has allowed bitcoin obligations for that at any time-well-known and venerable MMO online game RuneScape. Consequently players who occupy the virtual arena of RuneScape will now be able to use digital currency to buy virtual things (all virtually substantial.)

The announcement comes soon after repayment firm for Jagex, Adyen, joined with BitPay, Inc. make it possible for bitcoin finalizing. Thus producing Jagex the initial business to simply accept bitcoins through Adyen’s foundation. Headquartered in Amsterdam and San Francisco, Ayden is a international repayments handling firm that provides level-of-transaction help and electronic deals more than 187 currencies.“An benefit from bitcoin is that it is still new and shiny enough to generate interest in the transaction practical experience just by way of the reality that it exists,” says David Parrott, Repayment Providers Director at Jagex.

Being a digital currency exchange, bitcoin supplies lots of benefits for game playing and MMOs specifically. Since microtransactions would be the standard for your free-to-perform sector, reducing merchant chance and reducing client obligations is important for getting customers to pay a $1 here and $5 there.

RuneScape is surely an MMORPG video game presenting robust imagination tropes developed by Jagex that released in 2001 by using a free-to-engage in advertising reinforced version along with a spend-to-enjoy regular membership offered supplying entry to tremendously increased content material unveiled in 2002. This totally free-to-enjoy product is referred to as “freemium” in which certain bits of articles or way of life enhancements are right behind pay surfaces that cost a little amount of cash.Parrott believes that including bitcoin payments boosts revenue by making it easier to get a new market to enter into the RuneScape group.

He contributes: “As a company that operates on a freemium model-where repayment process should be persuasive sufficient to convert charge totally free consumers into having to pay types-not needing a shield to entry for bitcoin customers is a good idea.”RuneScape is actually a highly accessible MMORPG exceeding 13 years of content, up-dates, and enhancements under its internet buckle. It predates even Blizzard Entertainment’s cultural juggernaut Arena of Warcraft, which unveiled in 2004, and has seen about three iterations from RuneScape to RuneScape 3 over time.

Microtransactions entered the game in 2012 by means of Solomon’s Standard Shop, adding RuneCoins as a superior foreign currency that may be ordered for actual cash and accustomed to acquire cosmetic items.In 2013, Jagex announced that RuneScape 3 experienced brought in 300,000 new gamers and also, since start the game experienced observed 220 mil credit accounts made.Jagex is additionally the designer of numerous other free-to-play game titles available on the market which include 8Realms, Ace of Spades, and fairly recently-shuttered Transformers World.