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Age of Conan Funcom team today announced that Conan IP, Conan exile, the next era project will be delayed, as the team’s fans and fans of Conan somewhat disappointing news want the game to be exposed before the implementation of further...

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Conan exile visit postponed to early 2017

Posted by on Aug 8, 2016 in guides | Comments Off on Conan exile visit postponed to early 2017

Age of Conan Funcom team today announced that Conan IP, Conan exile, the next era project will be delayed, as the team’s fans and fans of Conan somewhat disappointing news want the game to be exposed before the implementation of further polish and characteristics of the public. Recently announced, Funcom company, they will receive funding to support the new wave of new IP, leading many to believe the additional funding has allowed more time for the team created the Conan experience so much desire.

The message is from a new Facebook Post Joel Bylos Conan exile by the creative director, in which he explained the reasons behind the delay – Change the first Alpha test window to the original estimate in January 2017 of the delay.

Dear exile,
Beginning this year, we began, as we 2008 Age of Conan MMO our work in the first game of the Conan universe. We are very nervous, returning to the world of Conan, because despite its flaws, Age of Conan really capture the essence of a great work of the Hyborian Age. However, we are pleased as well, because Conan’s world there are more and bigger adventure full of potential.

Conan exile is a different type of game for us, we are close to it and make survival sandbox genre so compelling mechanics of eye development while trying to Conan universe of style and taste.

When we started on this journey, we would like to invite your players to join the road. Our goal is to reach an early September visit, and then fling the door wide, gather feedback, and allows you to vote for the future of the project. That has not changed. However, our situation.

Nearly two weeks ago, we found that our plan has been put in this year Conan exiled to visit in early September. Since then, we have looked closely at the game and our production program, we have been reading all of our fans from genre to accept that we have received your feedback, and the feedback and expectations. We have to recognize that we want to take a moment to create our vision of Hyboria, before we release early access to. Has very recently acquired which makes our financial condition than even just a few weeks ago and more flexible in our studio additional funding, we have to take advantage of this and move into the starting early January 2017 in the development of extra time, we I believe we can make a better game for your fans.

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“Tactile war” Review – a charming painted war missed a couple of brush strokes

Posted by on Sep 23, 2015 in guides | Comments Off on “Tactile war” Review – a charming painted war missed a couple of brush strokes

Through what I guess is a successful soft-start the game to go, then got the app store with plenty of fanfare released, we caught a lot of people dream of income Editor’s Choice award from Apple, an award that can really take the game into the stratosphere layer. Unfortunately, the game, there is considerable incentive effective, I say unfortunately, because the point of the influx of a large number of players tired of the game servers, it becomes literally unplayable. All players will see a “connection lost” a small sign informing them not yet possible to join the network, only the game to them. In a way, the tactile war “dilemma is reminiscent of that of many recent AAA console and PC games, trying to go online only (looking at you, SimCity) only after the launch will soon realize that server It is a fickle little creatures, bound to melt into a puddle, when you need them most.

Fortunately, because our communication forum, developers will soon start work to upgrade its server infrastructure (which may be involved in late-night spell in my mind, dimly lit torches, and unidentified syrup), but the game We played very well several emission acquired (occasionally crash, though). The game even got its Editor’s Choice Award back, it makes me believe that Apple actually has a heart, because it took a second look at this game. Now, I have fought for several hours, tactile war (a couple of us Mobcrush stream), I can safely say that this is a very fun game, although it may have games like basis compared to the traditional tribal construction machinery conflict, it really shines in its tactics, and quite tactile, fighting, easily the highlight of the game, it offers some of the tension, which greatly – funny moments.

Once you need a pretty good tutorial on attack, base construction, research-based knowledge of various defense, tactile war discarded hands, let you take your little guys fight all by itself. This tutorial teaches you how to play really enough to touch the war, but it left a message on how to beat your opponent, you get the most XP in a very important piece. The infrastructure part of the game is nothing too attractive, has some straight path can be used for defense equipment and defense beautiful spaces in each base.
I really like, you can attack your base to test your defense, a fun game features, it costs you nothing. For any defenses added to your base, you first have to study, you think it will strengthen your defenses trap, cars, guns, or other. Each piece of equipment or skills you need to have a certain level, there is a certain amount of cost gold to unlock. Once you do the research say tank, you will need to enter the armory buy a pack (or more) of the tank, and once purchased, you can drag them into your existing base of a variety of spots.

The price of these items is relatively reasonable pace in line with the various parts you unlock defensive (and a few offensive) device is not too bad. Now, once you attack, you lose the opponent tries to destroy defensive equipment, the game will automatically replace it with the equipment you already bought in advance. If you do not check your base when there is a great possibility that you’ll run out of traps and weapons, make you more vulnerable to enemy attack, and you spend a lot of money, because the enemy steal your coins, their attacks.
This mechanic forces you to buy a variety of defense equipment, which in turn means that you spend most of your gold on New Year’s equipment, you really do not actively used in the game, but the purchase and forget. This decision makes the purchase of traps and weapons, your base mathematics a little boring game, you try to calculate how many pieces you need in stock, in order to maintain the safety of your base and weapons each trap. Moreover, it means that when you spend most of your coins to buy things related groups, you do not actually see all the spending, which is a slightly special design decisions immediate effect.

Building your base is an important part of the game, you might want to spend as little time very linear research and construction as the war in touch, because the fun is that the attack most of the game, rather than the defense. Once you have decided it is time to continue to attack, you pick an enemy, on the line. Although the game has a lot of statistical data in the game in a variety of league rankings, there is part of the game, where you choose a clear disconnect between your next target portion. I would prefer more choice, when I go to attack, rather than just an opponent for each color, but also directly from the league offensive player’s abilities. Once you choose one of five possible opponents, you choose because you unlock one of the many mercenary units you level up, and parachuted into enemy territory.

When the attack began, you control a small number of very odd soldiers, tapping on the battlefield move. I think a little map would have been when you attack, because the game the camera is zoomed all the way to the most attacks, which means that you can not really see a battlefield useful complement; at the same time, on the one hand this lack of battlefield information to make the fight more challenging (because you do not know the enemy’s structure and location), which also means I have failed attack, because I do not know I did not have a base ‘regressed arrested yet. However, you pass in a linear fashion on the map, trying to kill both of his or her team, and to avoid any traps to capture the enemy base. Your soldiers will shoot once they are within range, but everything, from their motion their formations, is under your control. The ability to transfer the formed units, including (by title) game feel shines, you can create your soldiers in various shapes, either for fun or for strategic purposes.

If you want to win the fight at a high level, because in order to quickly eliminate enemy soldiers group, get the most XP, while doing this, you have to shoot it in the standard-bearer of the team by changing the form to draw graphics on the screen is essential. Once you beat him, he briefly floated in the air, while trapped in a bubble, and when you pop the bubble, the collapse of his entire group. This mechanic makes the fight very strategic significance, because if you can get a lot of enemy standard-bearer in the air, pop them at the same time, you get medals, power supply UPS, and more experience. Due to XP Strengthening fill your meter and call more troops into battle, so that the bubble-popping rhythm is essential. The game also has a lot of vehicles, your soldiers will try to shoot or run over them, and each of them requires a slightly different strategy to eliminate. When you add these mechanics together, you end up with a pretty strategic battle.

Left and right, and fighting is an excellent move your units and the real idea to give players more to become a war unlike rely mainly on the selection of suitable type and timing of troop contingent right to summon other similar bases game do. Tactile war “battle has a problem, however, in part from all the bubbles burst, you must do it; because you click the move, click on the break bearer” bubble, mining, collect power UPS, you will often move your troops around, without actually want. I do not know if this problem could have been fixed, but I had to deal with many times, I know that it will only become a bigger problem in the battle to get busy.

If you feel and strategic battle game does not ask you to note that, in the arts and music will do. Game music feel like a kindergarten music club decided to remake the military anthem; a lot of drumming, but also a lovely triangle chimes punctuated drums and mitigate its severity. Add the occasional combination of 1980s synth sounds, and you have a fun listening experience. Sound effects are entertainment paint splats, when you hit the enemy, your soldiers make funny sounds, and they go, and so on. Overall, the whole game has a very child-like tone.
Art even better than music, with your soldiers similar small walking doll, its oversized helmet filled with tactile war intensified, making it suitable for children of all ages like feel. Ammunition of different colors of paint used in the game will be the battlefield looks like abstract art, with a heroic warrior spots around the “last stop, when your soldiers were shot, they slowly perished, a very clever touch, in Cover paint army before the break, “the drab. Overall, the game looks like an interesting comic and artistic style, making the game very cute, is more suitable for children than other game genres.

The game has a lot of content to keep you entertained, you will have to spend considerable time to unlock the different defense capabilities, mercenaries, and so on. Tactile war also provides an interesting card system, unlocking a variety of weapons, abilities and mercenaries, increase collections and unlock another. The game is F2P, but fortunately the majority, does not include any timers or energy systems; when you play the tactile feel of war, you can play. Yes, of course you can pay money to get more gold prism currency or more, but all will realize that the time and money transactions and unlock items and units faster than other players.
Although the money actually paid may help you climb the ranks quickly, a fact that, the game will be with you and your level of people, two practical skills needed to combat means that will not let you pay too ahead game. But remember, you will be more money than you transcend, however, if the pairing operation of the system, as it should, you should always fight people have similar equipment, you.

I can give tactile war the biggest compliment is that it’s really fun. The campaign is particularly interesting, I had a blast put into play it (more fun than I had expected, to be honest). A portion of the base construction, I can take or leave, but at least it is very wise to upgrade the system and research trees, although linear, offers a number of targeting you play. The developer Ankama go with paintball war, rather than the actual facts of the war makes this game for everyone. Although the control program needs some improvement, when to move, they should not be, the battle was a blast to stop your army. Even if you are not the type of game where you are the type of gamer clan type of conflict is not who plays, I suggest you give tactile war shooting (paint); you might be surprised at how much fun you’ll have to beat the other players base.

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“LEGO Minifigures Online” now available on the App Store

Posted by on Sep 23, 2015 in guides | Comments Off on “LEGO Minifigures Online” now available on the App Store

It has been a long time coming, but, as announced last week, Funcom has released Lego Minifigures network [free] to enter the App Store. The game is an online game, which is characterized by adventurous crazy people and places, from high music world wide. The way it was originally discovered back in August 2013, and at the desktop platform officially launched last October as a free to play game. However, Funcom do not like the direction of the race to go, so they made some very big changes in the game.

The biggest change is that Lego Minifigures online is no longer a free to play game. On iOS, which means you will pay $ 4.99 for the initial download, and then more of the world as IAP purchase. Money no supplies, no energy timer bullcrap. Just buy an extra content packages. I can let behind!

Another big change, including the stories, now has narrative cutscenes, and more cohesive flow to conduct a comprehensive inspection. As the name suggests, this game really needs to be connected to the Internet to play there is a persistent world, live online across platforms, operating the desktop version and mobile version of the new. We’ve the impression is quite positive so far, so if you are into Lego games, and are looking for an adventure, you should definitely give it a try LEGO Minifigures online.

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Fissure space EYES LATE 2015 released, to ensure that the $ 1.3M IN funds

Posted by on Sep 16, 2015 in guides | Comments Off on Fissure space EYES LATE 2015 released, to ensure that the $ 1.3M IN funds

Mercifully, it did. Someone pulled the blinding hood from her head. She found herself face to face with the high sage. Viryx said nothing as he gently helped her to her feet and then led her through a winding catacomb somewhere beneath the Grand Spire.

There are some killer fractured space ready for their space operations, but it has been eight months early entry into the steaming pot, with packages from $ 9.99 $ 39.99. If you want to wait until the game go to the free-to-play, though, you will not have much longer to wait.

Edge cases Games announced fissure space will be fully launched, to the end of 2015, in part made possible by a new round of funding Mercia technology from the United Kingdom, which contributed $ 130 million US dollars, dates to the effort. Mercia before investing in popular F2P football manager, has over 10 million registered users. Early trial version fractured space has attracted 400,000 players.

Yesterday, July update of the game to discuss some latest updates, including the huge Leviathan, allowing the player to the ranks of more and better AFK detection points and weaknesses. Of course, more changes are on the way, including a new ship, Pioneer, and matching system, which is discussed in detail earlier this month.

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LOTRO TRIES weekly episodic “mini-series”

Posted by on Sep 16, 2015 in guides | Comments Off on LOTRO TRIES weekly episodic “mini-series”

“It is only natural to pursue a mystery. The question is what you do with the knowledge you discover. That is what defines you. Those of us who rise through the ranks of the Adherents are burdened with many truths. Many secrets. Only the wise can keep them concealed for the good of the arakkoa.”

In keeping content updated for a long interested players of any online game development team is a challenge. The players in the turbine to recognize this, and decided to implement a Lord of the Rings Online’s main scenario is similar to weekly television.

In development for LOTRO blog, Jeff “MadeOfLions” Libby explains how the development team will talk every week of their favorite TV programs, and whether the same method can be used in a network game. As a result, bingo Boffin ballad, a story within a whole year to be paid in the free weekly data block has passed every Wednesday. The first part conversation, bingo at his home Michelle Dale Wen, followed weeks of rising levels of risk and take players across Turkey started in eight. When you can play every week, it’s a new or jump in any time and the “carnival table,” your way through all this is to be released.

By ballad playing bingo bingo players will win a badge, which can be traded to a new NPC, Bert Bart various awards. So, I guess you could say bingo Boffin badger Bounders ballads bring bingo badge Bert Bart’s rich rewards of loot.

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What Happens if WoW Goes F2P?

Posted by on Aug 28, 2015 in guides | Comments Off on What Happens if WoW Goes F2P?

Cute pets and cool looking mounts won’t be the only thing you see here.

Wow isn’t going F2P, but if Blizzard decides to be un-Blizzard-like then you can expect a few changes. WoW would still be the exact same game, only way, way more annoying to get into and far less accessible.

Yep, that’s right. The subscription wouldn’t go anywhere. Players would still be given the option to pay the same they always have and have the exact same experience they have always had in-game. This subscription would be Blizzard’s VIP pass and players would use this to gain access to locked parts of the game. Oh yes, there will be locked parts.

Of course Blizzard would make their raids restricted to paying players. Want to raid? You’ll need to be a VIP. Even the newbie raid finder or whatever the heck they’re calling it these days would require you pay the subscription. Dungeons would be restricted. They’d limit the number of dungeons you can run in a week or cycle in “Dungeons of the Week” that are free for players. Want access to them all? Pay to unlock or become a VIP.

Epic gear or maybe raid level gear (they would probably add a new color to signify “paid gear) would undoubtedly be restricted in some fashion, probably for VIPs or some cash shop validation only. You’re welcome to wear the blues you find in the Dungeons of the Week, though! [Read more…]

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Bring the Player Not the Class

Posted by on Aug 28, 2015 in guides | Comments Off on Bring the Player Not the Class

For a while, Blizzard followed a “bring the player not the class” mantra… or tried. Now whether or not they actually stick to this isn’t really what I want to debate. My big question here is why can’t it be both? Why can’t we look to the person who plays their class best AND plays a class that brings something interesting, unique, and needed to a group or raid?

I believe that every class should offer something useful and be so different from the other classes that you can’t so easily bring one over the other. I want to make a distinction here that I’m not saying every class should be mandatory. I’m saying that no class should be at a distinct advantage, and no class should be unwanted. If two DPS classes are both LFG, one should not be at a disadvantage because their DPS is inherently inferior and they offer nothing else to a group but their raw damage output.

Similarly, I don’t think that every class should be an easy ‘push a button and win’ combination. If Rogues are the “best melee DPS”, not every Rogue should be the top DPS. If Clerics offer the best direct heals, not every Cleric should immediately be the best healer just because they play a Cleric.

And lastly, no one class should be able to do everything. Duh [At least you’d think so.] Homogenization is a detriment to fun.

TLDR: Balance the classes, please. And while you’re at it let truly skilled players stand out above the rest. Bring the player, AND bring the class, for the RIGHT reasons.

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Blizzard shows the new Diablo 3 item sets coming in patch 2.3.0

Posted by on Aug 20, 2015 in guides | Comments Off on Blizzard shows the new Diablo 3 item sets coming in patch 2.3.0

Blizzard are getting ready to unleash patch 2.3.0 for Diablo 3 and have released an update to show what’s coming including a new video preview.

Not only does this patch bring new sets but there are also updates to older sets which should spice things up a bit. The patch update will also be followed by the launch of Season 4 which will come with new Seasonal Legendary Items to find and there’s at least one item per class.

This Diablo 3 2.3.0 update is a big one with the inclusion of Kanai’s Cube which players have been getting to grips with on the PTR over the past few weeks.

The patch will likely roll out in a couple of weeks so there’s still time to check out some of the changes on the PTR.

We’ve added three new sets and updated two old ones! In Patch 2.3.0, you’ll be able to adorn your Crusader in the Seeker of the Light set, and unleash limitless Blessed Hammers upon your enemies after descending upon them with Falling Sword. The gods strike through your Monk’s Seven Sided Strike with Uliana’s Stratagem while turning your enemies into living weapons with Exploding Palm. The Spirit of Arachyr will let your Witch Doctor unleash the frightening potential of Hex and Corpse Spiders as they ensnare and poison those who stand before you.

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Devolver Digital’s catalogue goes cheap on Steam

Posted by on Aug 20, 2015 in guides | Comments Off on Devolver Digital’s catalogue goes cheap on Steam

Devolver Digital have amassed quite the impressive collection of games in a relatively short period of time, and that very catalogue is currently part of a Steam weekend sale. I know, Thursday isn’t the weekend. Steam is weird like that.

Since publishing Hotline Miami back in 2012, Devolver have expanded beyond their Serious Sam comfort zone into (primarily) slightly offbeat and unusual indie titles. Games like Hatoful Boyfriend (pigeon dating), The Talos Principle (philosophical puzzling), Not A Hero (bunny-influenced side scrolling mayhem) and Luftrausers (score attack plane heroics) are all part of the sale line-up with varying discounts.

Check the link above for a full run-down. Some games have 90% off, and even the relatively new Ronin has 40% off the asking price. OlliOlli2 came out just this week, but that has 25% off too.

Devolver Digital also appear to have put together a pretty substantial collection of films, which I’m not really familiar with at all. Men With Beards sounds like a promising title, but I don’t have specific recommendations there.

The sale runs until 18 August (probably at 10am Pacific, that’s the usual cut-off point).

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Tank Reviews and Gameplay in Early Access for Armored Warfare

Posted by on Jul 29, 2015 in guides | Comments Off on Tank Reviews and Gameplay in Early Access for Armored Warfare

I’m participating in the Early Access for the upcoming tanktical MMO shooter game Armored Warefare (AW).

AW’s developer, Obsidian Entertainment, has taken the savvy approach of creating a better version of World of Tanks (WoT). In particular, AW is looking to address 3 problem areas in WoT:

Gold ammo
Arty implementation
The community has picked up on this as discussed in a thread in the WoT sub-Reddit today.

Obsidian’s approach is very different compared to what Gaijin did with War Thunder (WT). I skipped WT completely, because I was not convinced that WT would be a better game than WoT because it was seeking to differentiate itself in areas that didn’t need improvement or weren’t issues.

Early Access for AW in NA is $15 USD, which is a very reasonable fee, at least compared to a lot of other games where you have to pay $60+ to be a willing alpha/beta tester. AW is definitely worth a look.

In this article, I’m posting a series of videos covering AW in Early Access / Beta. Given that I’m a WoT veteran, in these AW videos I’ll discuss the similarities and differences in the mechanics of WoT and AW.

If you’re playing AW, I’d love to hear your thoughts, especially how it stacks up to WoT.

Early Access #1: First Impression, M113 Gameplay

In this video, I play my first battle in the M113, one of the two starter tanks in Early Access, on the Port Storm map. I finish with 5 kills and 6th in damage in a very narrow victory – only 14 HP separated the two sides.

The M113 is a mobile tank with a high-DPM / low-penetration autocannon. I didn’t realize it when I played my first battle in the M113, but it’s an AFV (Armored Fighting Vehicle) and therefore a scout in AW.

To be clear, I have no intention of quitting WoT: I’m still enjoying it, WoT scratches the itch for me of a high skill cap PVP game, and I’m within spitting distance of Unicum (top 1%) for my account with silver ammo only.

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